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Real Vampire Article Listing
Here you find Guides, FAQ's. Question + Answers, Myth vs. Reality, Essays, Creation Thoughts, more...NO RPG, NO FICTION

For The Nay-Sayers and Doubters

Misconceptions - A summary of the most often wrongly perceived facets of real vampirism and most often used "excuses" for explaining vampiric people. Too many people would not read the articles before jumping to terribly clichéd conclusions, so this is a brief summary.

For Seekers/Curious

FAQ's - Most commonly asked questions and answers are found here

I Want to be a Vampire - The single most common question I get. Please Read for anyone Seeking!

Preventing Tragedy: Safety, The Internet, and Vampires - A serious look at the dangers of trying to contact or meet "real" vampires online. Tips, precautions, and things to look out for to protect yourself or your loved ones against REAL predators.

Talk About Turning - A look at "making," "embracing," or "turning" someone into a vampire

Help! Am I a Vampire? - One of my most common questions with advice and suggestions

What is "Awakening?" - Some general info on the term and links to resources to help.

Alone - A personal fight with Hunger and the Beast. Important and personal view of what it's really like

The Truth on Hierarchies, Levels, so-called "Royalty" and other ways for People to Feel Better About Themselves in the Vampire Community - A help guide to the mass of fiction and bullshit found on the net.

Not Every Question Needs an Answer - A reminder why sometimes, it's about the trip, not the destination.

The Vampire Guides
Learning and help for those Awakening, Curious, or wishing to Support a Vampire
Vampire Guide 101 - The Introduction to Vampires - what is and what is not - in a nutshell.

Vampire Guide 201 - "Myths vs. Realities" -The truth on all those legends

Vampire Guide 301 - "General Info" -A wonderful article written by J. D. on some general traits of vampires

Vampire Guide 401 - "Psy Vamps" -A primer on energy and some broad thoughts on those playing with it. *Please Read the Disclaimer  for this article

Vampire Guide 501 - "Creation/Origin Theories"- A look at the comparatives myths vs. realities and some theories on existence. (COMING SOON)

Vampire Guide 502 - "What is the Cause of Vampirism?" - A look at the common theories found on the net with factors going for and against each theory.

Vampire Guide 601 - "A Look at Fakes" -It's too easy to fake supposed "medical" information and proof online. A warning not to jump to conclusions.

Vampire Guide 602 - "Vampire Virus Fakes/Urban Legends" - More fakes and urban legends, this is the truth behind the pseudo-scientific 'vampire virus' sites.

Vampire Guide 701 - "Migraines" -All too many vampires seem to get them (myself included). Some information, things to look for, and resources for help.

Vampire Guide 801 - "Surviving in the Day (and Corporate) World: Tips, Suggestions, Techniques" Some ideas to help various symptoms and problems encountered.

Interviews and One-on-Ones with MemoryandDream

Interview February 2003: A personal look at MemoryandDream, owner and founder of DDD.

Interview October 2005: MemoryandDream shares her unabridged thoughts on vampirism, safety information, and puts a more personal face on the condition and nature of real vampires. (Interview conducted for Bitch and Moan Magazine)

Three Questions February 2007: MemoryandDream answers inquiries on the vampire "lifestyle" scene, the damage that embracing stereotypes causes and the fiction that vampirism is about clothing choice.

Other Learning For Vampires and Curious

Psys and Sangs - A look at the distaste between psychic and blood vampires and the true connections between the two

What Is A Donor? - What does it mean and what does it entail?

Animal Blood - Safety concerns with animal blood (written by Orb)

Vampire Safety - Safety concerns with vampires, the internet, friends and family (written by WolfVayne)

What Makes a Vampire A Vampire? - My personal opinion based on my years of observation

An Interview with MemoryandDream - Thoughts on why I started the site, the goals, and more.


Vampires, Kin, Magick and Energy - Resources and Information

(Psychic) Vampires, Shielding, and Magic - Article written by Ulfric detailing personal accounts of vampires and magick use and energy techniques. Also, information on the practice of "shielding."

The Meaning of Dreams - A list of common themes/elements in dreams (as related to vampirism both real and mythical) with their meanings. Also resource links!

What Are Otherkin? - Overview on otherkin, some common traits and details.

Magick: A Primer - An introduction to the basic concepts of Magick in the real world.


Vampire Community Issues, Relations, Interactions

What have we lost in the Online Vampire Community (OVC)? - Article written by Dennaveve, taking a look at where we've been and where we're going as a community.

Hierarchy and the Modern-Day Vampire - A look at the ways in which vampires relate in the "real" world.

Cause and Effect with Community Popularity: A Reminder of Purpose - A look at the ways in which our emotions can override our good judgment in the online community environment. 


Medical Concerns and Information

Blood Facts - Basic information on the infamous red stuff, medically speaking

Anemia - A common blood disorder found often in women, which causes some of the "symptoms" of vampirism. Medical and personal insight on this condition. (COMING SOON)

Sickle-Cell Anemia - Detailed medical article from on this form of anemia.

Blood Disorders - There are numerous blood conditions that affect people of all kinds. Within is information I have gathered from medical sources. (COMING SOON)

The Straight Dope on Porphyria - Once and for all, see where the idea came from that this disease became known as "vampirism" and why that's wrong.

All About Porphyria - The disease long used as an "explanation" of vampirism. Learn some REAL information on this disease and find a very detailed resource for further learning.

- General information, types, and symptoms of headaches in all their various kinds.

Think It's a Migraine? - You need to know for sure. Types of headaches, descriptions of pain, and more.

Sun Allergies - Not as uncommon as you may think, thousands of 'normal' people suffer from PMLE. ("Polymorphic Light Eruption") A wonderful medical article on this problem.

Skin Allergies to the Sun and Preventing Skin Disorders - Personal experience and tips on ways to prevent - and relieve - symptoms. Also, how to protect yourself from skin disorders.

Connections and Interactive Discussions
Drink Deeply & Dream: Vampiric Forum: The place for continued education, discussion, theory, and interaction with others.


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