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Distaste among psychic vampires and blood vampires: 
A look at the connections between the two

One of the reasons that "psychic" vampires (those who feed primarily from energy whether human life force, nature, or other) and "blood" or "sang" vampires (those who need actual blood to survive)  tend to clash is certainly misunderstanding all around. We're just two sides of the same coin, but being so close, but just not quite, makes it hard to see one another for who they are.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Bloods are much more comfortable in the physical realm. This is where we are strongest (both in sheer strength and in our inherent benefits) Psi's are best in the astral (or non-corporeal) realm. They can move and interact here better than in the flesh. This automatically causes the other to view their own realm the more important of the two, when in reality, they are both equally vital.

I think another aspect here is that some blood's think psi's are sneaky or underhanded because of the unannounced feeding habits. Whereas, a blood vampire donor not only knows what's going on, but they know why. But, if done correctly (taking a fraction from each person rather than sapping it all from one), psi feeding can actually be less of an invasion than that of a sang/donor relationship. Alternately, a psi may think that a blood is needlessly taking a hands-on approach (by actually consuming the straight blood) rather than - in their eyes - the simpler use of energy.

Additionally, blood's don't want to hear it, but it's tried and true...all of us will at some point or another drain energy from those around us when we have not fed. If you're a blood and you've not fed in awhile and you're Hungry, you will unconsciously kick into an anti-survival mode and leech off those around you until you do feed. That said, many times, a psi who is not being filled enough will crave blood as it's the most pure and concentrated form of energy you can get. There's nothing quite like it. A vampire can start off as a psi and then realize they truly are a sang. It doesn't mean they've gone downhill, it's just that they needed the blood. A psi can supplement their diet with blood as well as a sang can supplement with energy.

It can be summed up nicely with this quote from a psi: "We psis cannot deny our nature, just as sangs cannot deny their abilities." That's it indeed. We have our strengths and our weaknesses, however, we're all "Vampires" (or whatever term you wish to use) We're both the same, yet unique in our own ways. Neither is better or worse than the other. We just are. I think places like this  site as well as my forum are the foundations for better understanding. Some will chose to ignore these kind of words as they have some need to feel more important, but people like that are so closed minded that they will never be convinced anyway.

We're not as different as some like to make us out to be. In short, I fall back to my first point - misunderstanding between the two the end, all that matters is that we all keep ourselves healthy - no matter what the form.



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