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Vampire Guide 601: A Look at Fakes

There are sites on the net (I'll be nice, I won't name names) that want you to believe stupid, badly done digital manipulations are "real" vampire dental anatomy: "Blah, blah, look at the differences in types and tooth development, blah, blah..."


It is too easy to create fake crap like this. I didn't even use pictures taken wearing fake fangs. These are simple digital manipulations.

None of these took more than a few minutes - 
I could have spent longer and made them even more realistic, but why bother?
This demonstrates my point well enough.

vampririous fangious


vampirious pointious toothious



vampririous draculousis

Wow. I must really be well on my way to "turning" Look at those fangs!
(done in 5 minutes with a mouse in Paint Shop Pro)
Come on. And this is the kind of thing you want us to believe??


Also, be very leery of people claiming things out of books, movies, or legends. Read this:
Preventing Tragedy: Safety, The Internet, and Vampires: A serious look at the dangers of trying to contact or meet "real" vampires online and in the digital realm.



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