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  Cause and Effect with Community Popularity: A Reminder of Purpose
Article written by MemoryandDream, Webmistress Drink Deeply & Dream. All Rights Reserved

We are emotional creatures. Myself, sobbing the week away over my ending relationship. Others for loneliness, misunderstanding, confusion, fear, need, etc. We are all people first and foremost. People with feelings and a need (however small) to be part of something; to be part of a society, a family, a group of like minds.

We say things in anger or frustration that are only the barest fragment of ourselves. We type these words and click the button, posting them loud and blatant for everyone to see. People read them, they infer their own feelings and thoughts onto them. People react to them-both from the words and from the emotions they already feel. Things are said, things are not said, and for the most part, we come together rather neutrally.

Yes, there is a level where it all becomes too much. Where people see this once quiet, close-knit haven growing louder, more populated, and certainly more confusing. It scares us and we don't know what to make of it. We want the past. We want what we know. And we act sometimes in ways would would otherwise not to be heard, seen, or respected. They don't always work.

I have always tried to let people explore boundaries here. Push limits of knowledge and understanding. Walk down intellectual paths with those who wanted to make the trip. Not everyone needs to believe, understand, or accept all things said here. First and foremost, we are all INDIVIDUALS. And that means that we are entitled to our personal views of life, the universe, and everything. What we know and experience make the greater whole.

Now, this doesn't mean that you {meaning people in general} need to posture or pose for us. We don't need fancy words and mysterious attitudes to be respected. Come as you are and we will talk. That's what it's all about. I openly share the mundane, difficult, and harsh realities of my own life and this makes me no less of a respected member of the board. I act as a real person and I advise everyone to do the same. Games, words, and posturing are all distractions from what we're here to do...connect.

This also doesn't mean that we need to berate each other. If we disagree, we can state that. We can say that we do not believe that, that we feel things are different, that we are doubtful of claims. Yes, these are all acceptable things. It's the hostility that's not acceptable. The anger, the bickering, the name-calling. These serve no purpose and do not aid us. They do not advance us. They do not help us and they break down our connections.

So. To conclude this overly long tirade I've gotten on...
Different thoughts are ok. 
Different sets of belief are ok. 
Posturing is not. (just be YOURSELF). 
Arguing and name calling is not.

Treat people as you would wish to be treated and we won't have pages of arguments and off-topic anger. Remember that words spoken can not be taken back. Think what you really mean-not what you want to scream out in momentary frustration or anger. Read it, correct it, think about it.

In short, Play Nice.



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