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Vampire Safety
An Article written by WolfVayne and used with permission.

Before you grab your sunglasses and sunscreen, look at the darker side of possibility.
This is all about safety for vampires; safety on the Internet, in real life with family, friends, workmates, and donors.

Newly Awakened Vampires
Many newly awakened vamps will, undoubtedly go looking for similar kinds in their area, and over this - the Internet. There are so many dangers, I mean real life dangers, it is hard to point them all out. I'll start with Internet related dangers.

Forums are the best way to meet vamps. You are part of a huge community, where certain attitudes will most likely get banned!! You can discover so much from chatting on Forums, without any real danger. I've seen it happen though - someone notices you from this Forum, and emails you. You talk through email for a while, and sometimes on a Instant Messenger. But, this person gets suddenly a little obsessive; constant emails, confessions of feelings and a load of baggage that you will not be able to handle. Yes, I am being really specific, but it does happen - a lot. If you are part of a Forum, make sure you remain somewhat mysterious. No publicizing emails, or giving out Yahoo / MSN / ICQ details unless you know who you are giving them to. The Internets' best quality is that everyone remains anonymous as long and as effectively as they want. But some people take advantage of that. Don't fall for it. It's easier to tell lies when you can't see the person you're telling.

In real life situations, telling someone about that little ol' bloodlust you own is going to be YUCH. If you are young - between 13 to 18, you shouldn't be getting involved so deeply yet. Many teenagers awake around this time, (not all. Some are much later. The majority being in their early twenties and late late teens.) When you are positive of your awakening, give it time. Don't rush it, or it'll be harder to cope with. Before telling anyone - gain some experience after awakening. I don't mean run around biting people; learn about yourself. Meditate, read, spend sensible time on Forums asking questions that have been bugging you, and become mature. You'll be stuck with this extra hunger for your life, so don't rush into it, or drag anyone else with you. When you feel certain of what you are, that you have the necessary experience and knowledge, then you have to be extra sensible about telling other humans. Feel free to tell all your pets - they'll appreciate it, just be careful about the humans.

-- Parents. They know best. They know a hell of a lot more than you, though it might be unbearable to accept. This article is from me, a 16 year old, and I have accepted this. It is the best bit of thought I have retained. I have security when I fall back on my ass; advise when I need it; mature people with who I can talk about anything I want; people who love me unconditionally. Telling them that you are a vampire will do some damage. If you are young, let me point out that most sensible parents will take a rather ingenious approach. let me dialogue it for you :)

Little 14 year old Vampire: Mum, Dad, I have something to tell you...

Mum and Dad: *look up realizing that she was being serious* Yes dear??

Little Vamp: (squeakily)...Um...I eh... I'm a vampire. A real one. I'm not joking. And it's not my fault, so don't punish me!!

Mum and Dad: *look at each other comically*.. Yes, of course you are!!! Have you finished your homework yet??

Yes, sensible parents of a 14 year old newly awakened vampire will not take the news seriously. Can you blame them??

Teenagers are like boiling pots of water; just about ok for some of the time, sometimes boiling over, and sometimes so depressed that their water goes off the boil. We teenagers like to have something 'wrong' or 'right' with us, so we can feel like weirdoes, and get attention for it. And, not forgetting that many things we become attached to, only last as phases. I used to like Machine Head passionately for a year - but it was a phase. I have grown out of them (though still having great respect for the band!!), and found a new phase - Tool.
Same with vampirism. Some vamps that have awakened in their early teens, get sick of believing it for a few years, and then rekindle that hunger some years later. Young teenagers with a Vampires' Spirit often awaken too fast; the hunger dies down for a while again, realizing that the teen's passion for this new found hunger is too much.

Anyway - parents. Tell them you are a vampire when you are mature, totally independent, and sure of it!!
As for friends... telling them is a huge risk to take for yourself. Friends come and go real fast. New friends grow apart, have an unfixable fight or move to the other side of the Earth. Some do keep in contact - but those are in the severe minority. Telling a friend about your vampiric nature is something you have to think about for hours and hours and days. If honesty, great secret-keeping ability, a lack of stereotypical nature, and belief in utter balance and equality between everything living on Earth is something your friends lack, don't bother telling them about being a vampire.

Donors are not essential to a vampires' survival, as there is alternatives to human blood, or human energy. But, of course finding an honest safe person to share those moments with is going to be hard. Depending on each individual, the donor can be a boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, family member or stranger. The one thing that you have to look out for, besides the practical side of things, is that your donor is at least a friend that will not be likely to up and leave in the morning. Long term close friends and partners are ideally the best as donors. But, yes, some vampires need to find new donors for various reasons.

In the case of a Sang Vampire, make sure your donor has safe blood before doing anything with him/her!!! Bring your perspective donor to a hospital and get them checked for diseases and blood deficiencies and anything else to will effect you. If that person has something like Hepatitis C, get rid of them immediately!!! Are you're doomed if his/her blood gets into yours. Also, when feeding on a regular basis after your donor's blood is perfect, make sure to never feed from them when they have a flu, or you'll end up with it too. On another note, make sure your donor isn't a psychopath. And I'm being serious!!


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