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Hierarchy and the Modern-Day Vampire
An excerpt from a Forum discussion

Hmm...well, let me tackle this since I am not only active online, but I live with a vampire (who's older in both years and Awakened years) as well as I have had a lot of interactions with those around me (both positive and negative). This is what I've seen in real life.

First, there is a HUGE difference in the way people respond to each other online than off. Those in my area would rather attack first, ask questions later. There is no subtly, there is no curiosity, everyone's just mostly out to either "get" one another or just leave everyone alone. It's like a constant fight-you're in or you're out (and even if you're out, people sometimes want to mess with you anyway)

Second, the differences between sangs and psys is mostly based on the type of energy consumed. (bluntly astral or physical). But, many blood vamps look down on psys and claim they are not truly vampires, while some psys look down on bloods because they "get their hands wet" (check out my thoughts on this here)

Third, of those who do either believe and/or know about the details of a "made" vampire, all of them pretty much unanimously agree that it is indeed the epitome of a wannabe. They tend to be more unstable (all vampires have a level of mental instability, it's just part of the dual nature), not as strong (physically, mentally, or in their powers), and easy to dominate and that doesn't help their standing much.

While we're on hierarchy as a whole, what really DOES affect hierarchy? Makes a vampyre command respect. 
Age (both as in in literal years and in years since awakening)? Experience? Knowledge? Does gender make any difference?

Age? Both of literal years and Awakened years, but I think more than anything, the amount of years Awakened is huge. Age does beget strength and those who can survive a long time are respected. It's a harder life and I don't think many can endure it. Also, I've heard of those who are respected because of their combined age - they've been reborn a vampire many times and thus, are strong from the get-go.

Experience? Maybe. But, more like track record. If you win a fight with someone strong, you get more respect. I think that's where experience comes into play. It's always a game with those I've known.

Knowledge? Yes, this is important. But, in a different way then I think most people would think. I think the knowledge of what you can do with your powers/strength is far more important than any book knowledge. So, you can be a HS drop-out, but know how to do things other vampires don't and get respect.

Gender? I don't know about this one. I've never seen much hierarchy that really had anything to do with gender. Strength, age, knowledge that other people don't have - those are the keys.

Then again, this is what I've seen. Many of you may not be in a situation where you've had any real in-person dealings with others. (and perhaps that's for the best) If it's like this everywhere, it's better to be ignorant and stay out of the game. From what I've seen (while traveling) it's this way at least in the whole of the Southeast. Haven't been on any far trips in awhile, so I can't tell you about other areas. I've heard that it's pretty universal though, so I tend to believe it.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.



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