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Vampire Guide 602: Vampire Virus Fakes/Urban Legends

Many people have been fooled by fancy sites claiming to have the "real" basis for vampirism - a virus. The viruses are often claimed to be part of a secret government conspiracy, generally attempting to create "super soldiers" or something similar, and that have gone horribly wrong. They will claim "secret" scientific data and offer up complex and seemingly legit explanations behind this virus.

These so-called "vampire virus" pages are ALL BASED ON TV/MOVIES.

Here is a break-down of the most common names for these supposed viruses:

V5 / V-5 / VRH-5 : These are all the same thing: a fictional virus created for a British TV Miniseries called Ultraviolet.

K-17 / RV17-KB : This is another fictional virus created for a movie called Reign of Darkness.

"...every scrap of info on them are rewrites or direct copies of the promo material from the associated shows." - Orb

Please don't let yourself fall victim to this widespread hoax. Secret Vampire Viruses do NOT exist. 


Also, be very leery of people claiming things out of books, movies, or legends. Read this:
Preventing Tragedy: Safety, The Internet, and Vampires: A serious look at the dangers of trying to contact or meet "real" vampires online and in the digital realm.


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