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Drink Deeply And Dream
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Frequently Asked Questions
Some of these may be answered in other places on the site in greater detail such as

"Vampire Guide 101 or 201"  but this is a good synopsis of the most popular questions that I receive,
so I wanted to put them all in one place.

Are you really serious?
Yes, truly, honestly serious. I originally made this site back in 1998 when the reality of vampires entered into my life. 

No, Really, is this for real?
Did you actually read any of the site? Y-E-S. 

Are vampires "turned" by another vampire? Do vampires have a "Sire" or a "Master?"
Nope. No one 'makes' vampires the way they are. And no one 'owns' me, nor vampires in general, that's just what they do in books.

Can vampires make other vampires?
The jury's out on this one. Some people say you can, some people say you can't. Personally, I believe that you can, but it's simply not worth it. It's a health risk to the vampire and the human. Also, it's just not going to be the same. Whatever 'it' is that makes a vampire a vampire just doesn't pass along very well in my opinion. The person would end up with an addiction they didn't need and nothing else to show for it. (Read my Talk about Turning essay for more details)

Will you make me a vampire?
Oh No. Definitely not. No exceptions. Sorry, FIRM rule.
(**And please don't email me about this. No matter how "noble" or "needy" your cause is, you're NEVER going to convince me)

Why won't you make me a vampire?
First off, I don't even know how. Secondly, I don't know you. Third, even if I did, I would not want that kind of responsibility. Knowing that I just purposefully made someone dependent on blood to live. Do you think this stuff grows on trees? It's not like the books or movies, you can't just go out and kill someone off the street and get a bite to eat. It's hard to find safe, sane, clean donors. It's painful to be Hungry. It sucks to be ultra sensitive to light and sounds and even other people's emotions. It's not some "dark gift" to bestow on lucky mortals. It's real and it's just like normal life only with a lot more to worry about.
(**Again, I don't care how much you think you're "meant" to be "turned" or whatever, you won't find it from me, so don't even bother asking. Sorry to sound rude, but I am sick and tired of people not reading the site and begging me for "immortality" via email. READ THE SITE. That's not what this is all about and it's just not going to happen, so learn to be happy with who you are because nothing is going to change that except you.)

Are you a Goth? Are all vampires goth?
No and no. People are who and what they want to be - irregardless of what abilities/conditions/talents/etc. they are born with. Clothing has nothing to do with it. I wear my share of black, but also, purple, grey, green, blues, browns, etc. Anything I want...why not?

Are you evil? Do you (or vampires in general) worship the devil?
No and No. First off, being an evil person is something that you have to choose - not something you're born with. If you are a non-evil person before coming into your vampiric nature, you won't suddenly 'turn' evil. Just like with normal humans, it's the individual who is evil - not the species. Secondly, a person's religion has nothing to do with whether or not they are a vampire. Vampirism is something you are born with - like height or natural hair color - and religion is something that you personally decide to put your faith in. Vampires can be of any religion - Christian, Jewish, Buddhism, Hindu, Pagan, Atheist/Agnostic, Satanism, etc.

So what religion are you?
I'm a non-denominational Pagan. (meaning I just believe in the powers of Nature, Life, and Magick, but do not ascribe any specific names or rituals to my belief)

Is there a vampire religion?
You can find so-called Vampire Religions on the net, but it's really just normal humans who want to take their playing a step further and have decided that by charging money for a book of "vampiric laws and traditions" and by having followers, that they are now vampires. They're not. Don't get caught up in scams and cults like this. Remember the old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" (meaning, if they suddenly tell you that for $25 you can get a vampire bible that will make you immortal, they're full of shit) They prey on those who are desperate and in need and will waste your time and your money. Just be careful. Real vampires don't have a little "Book of Nod" or some such BS.

I think I may be a vampire because of ______ (insert trait here: Aversion to sunlight, black clothing, hungry/thirsty all the time, like the sight/smell/taste of blood, been having weird dreams, really am 'drawn' to vampires, etc.) Could I be one?
First off, it's pretty much impossible for me to tell you over the internet. Secondly, I won't ever say "yes" or "no" to this question. Third, it doesn't come into play unless you're at least 17 or so years old. Fourth, there are any number of medical conditions which mirror or mimic certain aspects of vampirism. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SEE A DOCTOR IF YOU ARE HAVING ANY STRANGE CHANGES IN MOOD, FOOD INTAKE, ENERGY, SLEEP PATTERNS, etc. It never hurts to make sure you're not simply anemic, or malnourished, or vitamin deficient etc. These things can be easily cured and you will feel better. It's your health and ultimately your life. See a doctor first.

Is it true that vampires _____ (insert here: are harmed by crosses, running water, garlic, daylight, etc. or are immortal, don't eat, can fly, shapeshift, etc.) ?
In short, no. Basically, if you read it in a book, then it's pure fiction. For more details, check out the Vampire Guide 101 and Vampire Guide 201.

Is vampirism an illness? A virus? A disease? A genetic defect? Some fluke DNA? Spiritual? Another species?
All good thoughts really. Honestly, no one knows for sure. There's a lot of debate going on about it...check out the debate called "What are we?" on my forum. A couple of good opposing views on medical vs. spiritual are offered.

So vampires really drink blood? How much? How do you get it?
A shot glass or two full if human; more if animal. (Yes, vampires can drink animal as well, but it just doesn't seem to be as potent. Beef is best)

If Human, from a willing donor. (*always get to know your donors. Also, make sure you get them screened for disease or sickness before ever drinking from them!)

If animal, from a butcher. (see "Animal Blood Safety")

When vampires Drink, do their teeth get longer? Do vampires have fangs?
Nope. Most vampire teeth are pretty normal looking. Some may be rather sharp though. Some people have longer teeth than others, but not 'fangs' like in the movies. Also, I feel obligated to say that biting is dangerous, it causes bad scaring, and most of us do not bite. Most make small cuts with STERILE objects. (Don't try this at homes kids. You need to know A LOT about the body before EVER cutting, biting, or otherwise extracting blood. Start by researching anatomy through something like the anatomy book by Grey's)

I have a fascination with blood and I drink my own. Is that ok?
NO, NO, NO!! NEVER drink your own blood. It's very dangerous and it's counter-productive anyway. It's like trying to eat your leg to keep from starving, it just doesn't work. You end up feeling worse because you've injured yourself and diminished your own blood. It's never acceptable. Go here for more information/resources.

Where can I meet a vampire?
To be honest, vampires a pretty secretive lot. Vampires just don't go around in their everyday lives announcing to everyone that they're vampires. Just not going to happen. Chances are, you've met one of them before somewhere mundane like the supermarket. My advice is to frequent gathering places for vampires (like my Forum) and get to know some people. Start a correspondence with them. Be patient and don't get pushy or demanding. If you become friends, you may be able to arrange a public meeting. Take it slow. Be careful. Always know what you're getting yourself into. Play it safe. There's a lot of people out there who prey upon people's desires. (see my article on safety, vampires, and the internet)

How can I tell if someone is one? Would I notice something different? How can I find them?
In short, you most likely would not be able to tell. (How else would they get through life so normally if it were obvious?) Some people who are very sensitive to energy and emotions, may be able to pick them out as they tend to have very high and active energy signatures. Vampires can feel each other, but I don't know how to tell you to learn this. (nor do I really want to even if I could to be honest. I wouldn't want to pointed out in a crowd)

Where can I go to meet a vampire? Where do they gather?
They're anywhere and everywhere. They go anywhere anyone else would. Some go out to clubs - Rave, Gothic, Latin, you name it - some don't. Some go to movies in our space time, some shop, some play sports. They don't have mandatory little meetings to attend, it's not like a "council" is called or something and they all flock. Some people have started their own organizations, and they may meet somewhere at certain times, but it's not universal. Mostly, vampires just do what anyone else does in their free time.

I have weird dreams about vampires.... I see a man/woman in my dreams who's a vampire.... I am a vampire in my dream.... What does this mean?
First, I am not an expert in dreams. I can't always even figure out  my own, so I certainly can not tell you what yours means. Only you can tell what your dreams mean. Remember, dreams come from the things we've seen, heard, or thought about in our waking lives. They are a way for your brain to categorize all that input and try to make sense of it. Dreams are RARELY literal. Usually, they are take the form of things that we know in order to create a visual for our feelings. Meaning? Just because you dream about vampires, does not mean you are a vampire, nor does it mean you're being contacted in your dreams by a vampire. Most likely, the dream is about a change of power - either gaining or surrendering power. Keep a journal of your dreams and keep track of the events in your life. Chances are, you'll find their meanings when you step back and look at them them figuratively rather than literally. (for more dream meanings, see my dreams article)



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