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Talk About Turning: Reality of "Making" a Vampire

Alright, this topic has come up lately in other threads and I wanted to make a point to discuss it and bring it out into the open for clarification to everyone.

First and foremost...THE question: Can a regular ("normal") human be "turned" into a vampire? In short, No. In long, yes with a big but... The short is simple. 99.999999999% of the population, no matter how adamant they are about becoming a vampire, are NOT going to convince anyone to make them one. Realistically speaking, it's just not going to happen.

Now, having said that, is it technically possible to make someone a vampire? Kinda. Many people will tell you no flat out for many reasons including not many of us know how, not many of us have any interest in this subject, not many of us don't even think it's possible, and most those that do realize it's not worth it. What I mean is, it's not a really easy thing to do. There are NO guarantees. I've never done or personally seen such a thing, however, I have encountered those who were not born this way and I have been informed about it by those much older and more experienced than I. The problem is that the majority of vampires are literally too strong to do this. Whatever "it" is about us is truly foreign from humans that it either seriously injures or flat out destroys a person. It will kill them from the inside out. The second problem is that most humans are not strong enough to undergo this. Also, the process of the "turning" really traumatizes the vampire's system and can severely and permanently weaken them. It can even kill them. (Because remember, these are not the strongest vampires to start with)

The results are mixed from my experiences and understanding. Because of the fact that only 'weak' vampires can even try to do this, there's not much to 'pass on.' Additionally, whatever "it" is within us dilutes immensely when transferred to another. This means you now basically have a "half-breed" of sorts-a person now bound by the mandatory (and sometimes maddening) need for blood, but with little to none of the 'perks' those born into our natures can claim. Mildly stronger perhaps with slightly enhanced senses, they will suffer the light sensitivity, Hunger (which is much more demanding for them), and other problems inherent to our condition. Also, they are generally regarded by born vampires as the epitome of a "wanna be" and yet no longer can truly relate to the "normal" population. From what I understand and have heard, it is a sad and lonely existence.

Now, please remember, this is what I have been told by those in my life who are older and more experienced than I. This is a hot topic and one that many people have varying thoughts and beliefs on. What it boils down to however, is not to seek escape from who you are. Whether it can be done or not is truly irrelevant. What needs to be remembered here is that people need to be happy with themselves now as they are. Nothing will ever better you life until you can accomplish that task first. Becoming anything other than you are will not solve your problems, bring you happiness, make you beautiful/wanted/loved/appreciated/etc., nor will it suddenly fulfill you. Only you can fulfill yourself. And, in the end, only you can bring yourself happiness. It's a state of mind directly connected to loving yourself. I am what I am and you are what you are. Once you accept that, the rest falls into place. This is not a contest and our condition is not a prize to vie for. Be yourself and find happiness in that.



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