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Drink Deeply And Dream
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Dream Interpretation and Meanings of Various Images

Please note: dreams are VERY personal things. These interpretations represent common, psychology based "standards" but each can vary per person, dream, and situation. Additionally, these statements are not mine, nor do I necessarily support or endorse them. They are provided as a reference and not a clinical diagnosis, recommendation, or treatment. I am not a licensed nor trained professional. I can not tell you what your dreams mean. You must figure that out for yourself. Please refer to the resources below for other avenues of exploration and/or other, non-listed terms, words, or objects.

Bites: This is a dream of very ill omen and it shows that you are in danger of suffering ill from the hands of someone who has wished you harm for a long time. It also a wish to undo something that you may have done that is past being repairable, as well as a warning of physical harm and monetary losses. If you dream of being bitten by a vampire this shows there is someone in your life that is draining you, or your resources, and you need to eliminate this person from your life.

Biting: To dream of biting someone could be a warning that you are overdoing the pressure you are applying to certain people and causing them pain. In other instances it tells of low business practices and a lack of ethics in all your dealings. If you are biting someone as a vampire then you feel like you must make your own way and not be dependent on others, which makes you feel like a 'bloodsucker'.

Blood:  If a dreamer is bleeding in a dream, it is a symbol of draining life force. What painful situation in your waking life is “sapping your strength?” Blood can also symbolize feelings of guilt, especially if it is on our hands (an act we have committed), or feet (leaving a trail of deceit). Rooms full of blood, rising like water, suggest areas of  intense emotional pain.
alternate: To dream of seeing blood stains you will have much trouble from an enemy if you start a business or other enterprise. If you are doing the bleeding try to stay out of confrontations with family and friends, the blood may not be literal but rather, signify a state of 'bleeding' emotions. If the blood is seen as a transfusion your troubles will not be long-lasting.

Cemetery: If you dream of a well kept cemetery it is a sign of happiness to come but an unkempt one shows that you will meet with opposition and adversity. This is the kind of dream that must be correlated with the other symbols of the dream, such as: open graves, flowers, funeral services, etc., as all of these things would change the benign aspect of a stroll through a well kept cemetery.

Cloaks (garment): To dream of a cloak, not a cape, pulled closely around you to keep out the weather, denotes that you will have protecting influences surrounding you for the next few days. If you dream you have torn the garment this shows a rift in a relationship with a person who is important to you. If you lose the cloak, then you will have a falling out with the one who loves and protects you.

Coffin: Obvious symbol of death. Seeing oneself in a coffin indicates change, separation from another, or passing of a phase in ones life. Coffins also can be a sign of weakness and a lack of vitality.
alternate:  Should you dream of a well appointed coffin and it is empty then does this show that you will soon lose a close friend, (not necessarily through death, but rather, death of a friendship). If you see a body in the coffin you will soon have sadness, but if the person in the coffin is the dreamer then is this a contrary dream and the dreamer can expect some very good luck.

Dark: A dream of the dark is never a good aspected omen as after such a dream you are in danger of losing control of your temper and causing yourself a lot of hardships and losses. If you dream that dark is falling while you are traveling it is an ill omen for any business you try to conduct unless the journey is finished before it gets dark. If you are lost and cannot find someone in the dark then this denotes that others will try to provoke you to anger and you must heed this warning and keep your temper at all times.

Darkness: If you dream that you are stumbling around and groping your way about in a dark room or building this is an omen that you do not have enough information about a person, place, or thing to make a clear decision. If you find the light switch, you will meet with success after acquiring understanding. A lost article will be found if you dream you were walking in the darkness.

Death:  Symbol of change in dreams that should almost never be interpreted literally. Not precognitive. Dreams of death of a friend or family member usually symbolize change in the relationship or a fear of separation. Death can be literal when we dream of relatives who have passed on.  Dreaming of your own death typically symbolizes an inner metamorphosis and an evolution of development, and is considered a positive dream. Old ways of perceiving are passing away; new self-discoveries are being made.
See example dream Q&A on death here:
alternate:  For years in our family it has meant that someone in the family would soon be wed and the wedding would be beautiful. In some circles it means a birth, the opposite of death. To be unable to identify the dead person means a windfall of money for you, To talk to a dead relative is a sign of great good luck.

Demons: Seeing demons in your dream is a warning against overindulging your baser nature and giving into your lusts, all of which have an adverse effect on your bodily health, as well as your mental health.

Devil: The devil as a symbol represents evil in all its forms. If you dreamed of the devil surrounded by instruments of punishment, or actually punishing you, then the dream is telling you that the time has come to clear your mind and your conscious of the guilty secret you are holding onto. If you successfully fought him off, then you will short circuit those who mean you ill, and if he spoke to you, you are in for great temptations which you will find hard to resist. If you and the devil were friendly, or congenial, then it is time to have a complete medical workup done.

Faceless:  Common dream symbol that indicates the identity of the person in question is unknown. Common in relationship dreams, also in dreams involving repressed and avoided traumas.
See these two dream Q&A's:

Flying:  Common metaphor of personal power in dreams. If one dreams of escape by flying away from an attacker, the dreamer demonstrates personal power by being able to escape from an attacker rather than becoming a victim. If one dreams of obstacles in one's path —trees and power lines are common-these may reflect real life obstacles to personal empowerment and control in one's life. Dreams of unfettered flying, being able to soar freely and without hindrance to desired path, are indicators of self confidence, feelings of personal power and control, and of being “on top of it all.”

Funeral:  Attendance at a funeral indicates you are witnessing change or transition in your relationship with the deceased. Also, especially in seniors, may refer literally to fears of death or concerns about proper burial rites. Like death, can also be a positive symbol indicating growth and rebirth. Witnessing your own funeral suggests a transition in your life, a break between the past and the future.
See an example dream Q&A about funerals here:

Killing: Usually a metaphoric expression of anger in a dream. Whom did you kill? Can you identify the recipient of your anger in waking life? In dreams of murdering loved ones or family members, the dreamer may be worried about a current course of action, which he or she believes is “hurting” the murdered person, i.e., a child or spouse.

Vampire: Transition symbol, frequently associated with initiation rites, especially the loss of one's virginity. When a vampire bites you, you become “one of them.” Also may be associated with a person who “drains your energy.”
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