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What is a donor?
Well, a donor is a person who is discreet, who wants to help, and who is willing to put a lot of trust out.
Let's hit them one-by-one, ok?

Discreet: A donor must understand that this part of their lives must be kept secret at all costs. A donor is entrusted with the knowledge and identity of a real, living vampire. Society being as it is and not yet accepting of others who are just different colors or genders of human can certainly not gain access of this knowledge - it could just ruin a person's life (whether or not people believed them, there'd be so much anger and misunderstanding either way) Don't forget, we live in the 'real' world too and must maintain our jobs, pay our rents, and keep our 'normal' friends/family. Also, a donor must realize that if the vamp has a Significant Other, that they are not 'another' girlfriend/boyfriend/lover/etc. They are a donor. It is a category of it's own, above and beyond normal matings. A donor can never try to come between the vamp and the mate. It's just not right. That's not what being a donor is about.

Wants to help: This is the big one. "Helping" means willing to literally give some of your blood to the vampire. This can be in any number of ways (syringe extraction, small cuts, etc.) and may or may not involve an intimacy depending on the vamp (some like to make love and 'eat' at the same time, some don't) This may mean some late night visits, it may be done on set days, or a little of both (depending on the vamp) It will mean remembering to let the vamp know if you're going out of town or otherwise unavailable for a period of time. It will mean that you need to be sure you are disease free and in good general health. Also, getting at least blood count done to be sure you're not anemic. If you are, you should NOT give ANY blood. No one wants to add to a donor's illness by making them a bit short on blood. You shouldn't have any serious adverse affects - no more than if you donated to a blood bank, and should let the vamp know if you do as that could be signs of a problem. A donor must also realize that this is not some 'test' to becoming a vamp themselves - it's not about trying to impress someone to 'turn' you - it's about helping someone survive. If someone goes into expecting to come out of it a vampire, they are missing the whole point and should not be a donor.

Willing to Trust: I'll be honest with's DAMN hard for a vamp to stop once he/she's started feeding. (It's one of the reasons a lot us us will extract the blood and drink it that way - so there is a set amount) You also have to trust that the vamp's not going to do anything to harm you (which, if you think about it, would be counterproductive to his/her needs, so it shouldn't really be a problem) However, you are dealing with serious issues here and there is a bond that must be formed. You must trust that you will both be benefited from the feedings (it is supposed to be a VERY pleasurable thing to be a donor) and that he/she will not simply use you. A donor should always meet with the vamp on a non-feeding level first to be sure that you're comfortable with him/her. A donor also needs to pay attention and make sure that the vamp's not feeding too often (no more than once a week - the blood needs to replenish).

In short, it's a big undertaking. Truly. I'm not going to make it rose-colored for you. I feel everyone has the right to know both sides before engaging in this. However, that all said, being a donor can be a very unique, very rewarding experience. A vamp/donor relationship can last for years and can be very pleasurable for both parties. It can be very rewarding to know that you're allowing someone to live their life without pain and suffering (being Hungry is the worst thing in the world for a vampire) It's a kindness, a generosity that too few are willing to show. We respect and admire our donors. We appreciate what they do for us and were it not for them, life would be hard indeed.

I hope this has helped explain a little more about what it means to be a donor. It can be scary thing at first, but if the potential donor does some groundwork, makes sure they are comfortable with the vampire, and is always sure to speak with the vampire if they are bothered about something, then it can be really wonderful.



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