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Drink Deeply And Dream
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I have received an enormous amount of attention on the Psy-Vamp essay on my site...
One of the main reasons I was hesitant to add it to the site is the sheer controversy that it has caused.
Below is an email I received on the subject and my reply which I feel makes a perfect disclaimer/rebuttal/defense of the content in the essay. Anyone who wishes to contact me about it, may email me at the address found on the contact page.
Thank you.

First of all, you should have just plain avoided the topic. You are not a psyvamp yourself, and making these statements make it seem that you know everything about us. I am both a regular vampire and a psyvamp, and am easily able to exchange blood energy for regular energy, or vice versa. There are few of us that are power-hungry. And unlike what you have said, anyone can not do this. In fact, most of the population can't. Those of us who are psivamp have developed the powers at about the age that most "regular" vampires develop their cravings for blood.

I found your section on avoidance to be quite laughable. You say that if a person stands up to us, we are likely to leave them alone. For one, most of us like a challenge, and for second, we prefer to drain a little bit of very rich energy from the strong that may resist, rather than draining large amounts of weak energy from someone who would not even realize what is happening.... Psivamps are not weak, sniveling whiners who need to drain energy to inflate their ego. The need for energy in many of them is the same as the need for blood in the normal vampire. The plus is that we do not have to make any physical or even real mental contact with the person. You say we must talk with the person at the least to drain our energy. It's simply not true, and I would appreciate it if you would at the least, modify your page, and at the most, take it down. Or, if you'd like, I could write something up that would shed more light on the situation without discriminating against psivamps.
-Name Withheld

I respect the fact that you took the time to read the essay. And you are right in that I do not practice such habits personally. This does not, however, mean that I do not posses the knowledge to do so. It is something I choose to NOT do. I was born into my magick (something of which I have always had) and I was born into my Gifts, so perhaps this gives me a different outlook on the world. But, whether or not you realize it to be true, anyone CAN indeed learn to manipulate energy, including life force. Will everyone have as in-depth skill, knowledge, and control? No. That comes with either natural talent or great learning and practice. My essay, therefore, is designed for the general population who feels that it is "cool" and "trendy" to play with things they know nothing about. They think (much like the children of old who believed the same of cigarettes) that this habit will make them suddenly better than others; cooler than others; and all-around more powerful than others. In reality, they often times simply fumble around and end up with an addiction they never really needed in the first place. In that way, the feeding of energy is a creatable habit and I wish to prevent people (read, 'young impressionable teens') from this pointless burden. Much in the same way I explain that the need to drink blood in itself is not a blessing, but a hindrance and truly a defect - in short, a weakness that no one should seek. This is the same advice I give for those seeking to teach themselves this trick.

As for my avoidance tips and whatnot, again, I was born into my power and something as simple as disallowing it to occur works for me. Perhaps those with less natural magick (or realization therein) would have a harder time with this technique, however, I know that the "taste" of those with natural strength is much more sweet than those of the herd, and, generally speaking, if you have that natural strength, you will be sought out more but would better understand my explanation. In short, it is a complete and logical circle.

In any event, as I said, the page is designed for those who seek the same thing about psyvamps as blood vamps - someone to either tell them how to be "turned" or someone to tell them they are not freaks, but they need to spend a little time growing up and understanding the world, because it's not all rose-colored like they want it to be.

If you would like to submit an essay yourself, I would be happy to review it and consider adding it as an open entry to the page as a more in-depth commentary from a practicing psy-vamp for other practicing psy-vamps. Please be assured, however, if it is derogatory to me or my page, it will not be included. If you can write a neutral, informative, and helpful essay, then please feel free. You know the addy and you know the url where to find me...
-MemoryandDream, Webmistress



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