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What Exactly Makes a Vampire a Vampire?

Vampires are vampires because they have a vampiric soul. They are mortal, human flesh, but they have something within them that makes them a vampire. There is a DISTINCT difference between a blood drinker and a vampire.

A vampire generally personifies their inner nature as a "beast" or a "thirst" or a "hunger" because it can literally feel as it if crawls around, just below the surface of the skin. There are problems often with mental instabilities from repression of this sorta duality within them. It's a hard thing to come to terms with. It both is and is not separate from them. It's a singularity of the duality; as I said, a bit like a symbiotic existence.

A vampire has a permanent emptiness within. It demands to be filled regularly with blood or energy. It is required to be "whole" and "complete." Sorta like the only way a harmony is achieved; that symbiosis - is through feeding. More regular feeding keeps the vampire in harmony. Infrequent feedings cause disruption leading to weakened state leading to mental degradation and repressed immune system. (a vampire does not die from lack of blood, but rather, from a disease or infection as a result of the weakened immune system as a result from lack of blood)

When in harmony, a vampire is a very powerful creature. They exist in the night in an almost mythical reality. They are simply at home in it. Many can feel when night comes because the change in their perception is that distinct. They also do gain a poise and a grace with their harmony. It just has a price.

A vampire is always a vampire. There is no "cure" for it. One can certainly stop feeding and attempt to make dormant their inner nature, but it never goes away. Never. Why? Because you can no more will your soul away and still be you then can a vampire carve out their nature and still be them.

Is it possible for a vampire to make a non-vampire into a vampire? Yes, but with a large involves, in brief, a permanent sacrifice of part of the vampire's soul and the merging of it into the 'human' recipient. The vampiric nature must them override the soul there and force it into it's path. The then-made vampire would poses a vampiric nature, but only in part. They, having not been born that way do not share the same exact existence as one who is. (they suffer from much worse energy needs with very little of the 'powers' as a benefit) It is simply the most dangerous and fool hearty thing that can be attempted. Most often it results in permanent mutilation, insanity, and even death in both the vampire and the 'human' because it is that drastic a change. The vampire is losing part of their very soul to undertake the process and the human is attempting to alter their own. It's a hellish concept and one that very very few true vampires even know how to do.

I know about this from personal experience. Not the turning myself, but I know those who do know the process. I actually should not be speaking of it, but then, four odd years ago I was told not to speak about anything I did on DDD and they've still not stopped me. *smiles*


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