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"General Info" is an article written by a friend (and co-founder of the Forum) J D, who shares my quest for knowledge.
It delves into some of the perks and downfalls, general health issues, and research observations.
Includes notes and comments by myself as well.

First off, a disclaimer: This is research I have conducted over a limited (series of months) period of time with very limited equipment and subject base. Many of these conclusions are based on observation and interview alone, second-hand knowledge if you will. As my research is ongoing in nature, I reserve the  right to modify, conditionalize, or completely contradict and rescind my statements as new information comes to light. As such, this information should in NO WAY be considered authoritative or definitive. I apologize, but I have nightmares about convincing someone that they are something by the weight of my meager information alone.

To Open
We are (obviously) separate from the human race. In what way is yet to be conclusively determined. There are enough of us that share similar needs and abilities to classify us as something other than simply "not quite normal humans". For the purposes of this information, I will call all those similarly affected to myself 'vampires'; all those not apparently affected will be referred to as 'humans'. (I realize that everyone that is not a vampire is not necessarily human either: it is a simplification issue.)

General Similarities/Shared Medical Traits Among Vampires

  • A need for red blood to survive. I recognize that there are many types of people who claim to be vampires for this, that, or the other reason; but for the purposes of my research I refer only to those who require blood-feeding to maintain health, sanity, and life.
  • On  the whole we-hate-sunlight issue. This issue is many-fold, so I will address it in sub-categories.
    • We can't see as well in bright light, but have extraordinary night vision. Our ocular nerves are more efficient at carrying low-grade light emissions to the brain. This means that there is less loss of resolution and contrast in low-light environments (we can see things more clearly in the dark than can humans). In high-light areas, however, this nerve is overloaded. Too much input, so much of the information blends together. This normally results in blurry vision, headaches, and eye-aches.
    • There really is something about the night. All bad jokes and myths aside, we tend to be lethargic during the day and active during the night. Even those of us (okay, most of us) who are forced to live diurnally [on a day schedule] are more energetic after the sun sets. Even the air tastes sweeter, and everything is much more...well, more. I have theorized that this actually relates to our vision. It is stressful to deal with bright lights (especially the nuclear furnace everyone is so fond of frying under), and requires energy to do so. We are more comfortable in the dark and have more energy at our disposal as we are not dealing with an infuriating glare. I have heard of our kind actually enjoying time in the sun, but I think that they are freaks. Whether or not we like the sun, the fact remains that it appears to drain us.
    • Sunburns: This is actually something that I am currently looking into. We do show the effects of sunlight much more quickly, but not all to the same degree. We also tan more quickly, and heal the damage more quickly. I do not know if this is related in some way to generally increased body processes, or if we are actually more resistant to begin with. I appear to burn severely within an hour of exposure to the sun, but it is always a tan within twenty-four hours. I know others who have experienced similar reactions. I have heard of some who experience what could be termed 'allergic reactions' (i.e.: rashes, blisters, etc.) when exposed to sunlight, but I have actually seen that among humans as well. This category is inconclusive for now, as some appear to burn faster than my control subjects while others appear less affected. No-one (myself included) is willing to intentionally suffer a severe sunburn to find out if we heal faster or take longer to burn; the needs of science notwithstanding.

Mental/Psychic Abilities

  • Increased mental abilities. Primarily rudimentary telepathy; I have heard of some awakening with telekinetic abilities, but this seems unusual. We can, however, develop these abilities through mental exercise and meditation. While it is true that anyone can do this, it appears to be much easier for vampires.
  • Increased physical abilities. (I should have included vision here, but felt that it was more related to the sunlight issue.)
    • Speed: This is not to say that we can all run an Olympic 500 yard dash and win (or even compete for that matter) as it is a matter of training. We can, however, outrun humans with comparable exercise regimens and health. Basically, if we wanted to train hard enough, we could win the Olympic 500 yard dash. As with the mental abilities, though, humans can (obviously) do this as well; it is just a little easier for us.
    • Agility: our muscles generally respond more quickly and controllably than a human's. Again, though, a matter of training. We are simply more adept.
    • Reflexes: No two ways about this one; if a car is about to hit a human and a vampire at the same time, the vampire will not be the one that gets hit. This is actually a combination of mental and physical reactions. This one is very involved, and a thorough explanation could take pages, so I will let it stand and invite any questions by e-mail. [see end of article for contact info]
    • Increased healing: This goes for physical injury as well as illness. We have an accelerated immune system. We can get sick (as a matter of fact, I am terribly ill as I write this), but we don't get sick as often or as easily, and we heal faster than humans. Small cuts, piercing, etc. also heal much faster (in the case of body piercing for instance, I have experienced several which healed weeks ahead of schedule).
    • Physical strength: We are much stronger than we look. As a rule, when we awaken we experience increased strength. We build muscle tissue faster, and the tissue we build is stronger, more resistant to damage, and more efficient.
    • Hearing: Our hearing is more acute; we can hear much quieter sounds (i.e.: conversations across the room, that annoying squeal from electronic equipment, etc.). We also have a greater range of auditory detection, and clearer understanding of what we hear. (this is speaking generally, in my case my hearing was damaged when I spent time in the army as first an armored vehicle crewman, and then a machine-gunner) My personal injury notwithstanding, I can hear things (cars, trains, emergency vehicles) coming long before any humans around me.
    • Smell and taste: These two are subjective and very difficult to test, so I have not yet bothered with them. (I don't particularly intend to for that matter.)
  • Time frame for awakening. -M- [Site owner, MemoryandDream] is right on this one, anywhere from 17 to 25. probably the most difficult thing to research, as we don't know exactly what triggers it, or exactly how long the process takes. It appears to be different for everyone.

It is difficult to ascribe values to any of these abilities, as they all vary in intensity from one person to the next. I can say that it is normal to manifest all (or at least most) of these traits. But to what degree, I cannot say.

J D can be contacted on the Forum or directly at his email address [email protected]



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