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The Truth on Hierarchies, Levels, so-called "Royalty" 
and other ways for People to Feel Better About Themselves in the Vampire Community.

Say it with me now: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "ROYALS" or "PURE BLOODS" or any other lame ass titled "Hierarchy" to vampires. It's as stupid as saying there are "Royal" diabetics or "Pure" multiple sclerosis sufferers.

You don't get some monarchy title just because you were born with some condition or genetic pattern. People that tell or sell you things like that are just trying to make themselves look better and  are trying to struggle with poor self-esteem. (I dare you to find a site which contains these types of monarchy levels where the website owner does not claim to be the highest rank and who isn't a pompous ass about how they're better then you. It's all a sad, sad game they're tricking themselves into believing in an attempt to feel better about their lives)

Vampirism can run in your family or not, but that doesn't matter. It doesn't suddenly make you better then, more then, or different then anyone else who was born with this condition.

There are groups out there who use levels of membership as a way to show commitment to a group. However, the legit ones will never try to sell you the concept of being royalty. They will NOT tell you they are better then you (especially without even getting a chance to know you). They will NOT try to claim to have literally impossible "magickal" powers and abilities straight out of fiction. They will NOT align themselves with clans out of the fictional role-playing game, "Vampire: The Masquerade."  They will NOT insult you for your thoughts and they will not attack you as some unwanted outsider. If some group treats you like dirt, don't associate with that group. There, unfortunately, far more game-playing, fictional, delusional and broken people out there making groups then there are safe, sane and friendly ones.

Additionally, it helps to read through the Preventing Tragedy: Safety, The Internet, and Vampires Article which goes into great detail on what things to look for when interacting with a group, or a person in the Vampire Community. Key warning signs of harmful, dangerous, or delusional people.

Vampires are people. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. There are no people who are better or worse just by virtue of being born a certain way. Take pride in yourself as a person, but don't be fooled into thinking you need some fancy title to make you a better person, or better then "normal" people.


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