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Being Turned, Made, or Embraced: Let's try this ONE more time...

I very much desire to be turned, how can one go about this???
I'm 18. I'm fully aware of the consequences, I'm prepared to accept them.....await further.
I seek singularity, freedom from the "rat-race". I already have eye problems, head-splitting migraines, every single day (well almost). [T]hese are mainly due to photo-sensitivity, refraction ect... I peruse a change, an advance, to better myself on physical and mental prowess. I enjoy challenges, this is possibly the ultimate!!! I'm sorry if I seem narrow minded, its just who I am.........
T[h]anks for a speedy response, Judge!


I have studied vampires for a year now and would like to receive the embrace please e-mail me.


  • First, this is the single most common question we get (both via the forum and by email) and the one most of us will get angry over the easiest. It's not really the specific person to be's the fact that people are so ho-hum about it all, like they're asking to change their hair color. Add to the fact, I very clearly address this several times on the site (Talk about Turning, FAQ's, Q&A's ect.) and it gets old honestly. (also see this topic for more thoughts from other real life vampires)
  • think being a vampire means no "rat-race?" You have no idea. Guess what? I'm a slave to the corporate grind just like any other. And, it's even worse and harder for me since I'm so horribly uncomfortable with fluorescent lights, overly sensitive to people and their emotions, can hear several hundred pc's humming and whining in the mass of cubicles that make up an office, etc. I also have health problems, massive bills, and guess what? I'm unemployed right now. Yup, we can (and do!) get fired as well. Hell, just read through my blog ("The Ever Changing Status of M") and you'll see the pain in the ass mundane aspects that I still have to deal with. Sucks. Bills suck. Jobs suck. Vampirism is NEVER an escape from anything...
  • Third. Being a vampire doesn't mean power, darkness, beauty, or glory. It doesn't change who you are. There are far more depressed (and manic-depressive) vampires out there then healthy, happy ones. We're a horribly unstable lot prone to deep and even suicidal bleakness and tend to mostly suffer through various bi-polar-esque see-saws of stability. It's not easy fighting a primal, horridly powerful NEED to feed your Hunger. Just about the only thing the books ever got right is the sheer "beast" that is our Hunger. (take a peek at the article "Alone")
  • Fourth.  You must learn to accept yourself as you are. Period. You have to be happy with yourself because NOTHING-not even vampirism-is going to ever just *poof* and change that. Ever. If you don't like yourself now, aren't happy with your life now, can't find peace when you look in the mirror, you will NEVER get it by trying to become something else. Acceptance of oneself in all their glory and weakness is vital to each and every person on this planet. Don't ever try to fool yourself into thinking ANYONE or ANYTHING can just suddenly give you that contentment and happiness. They can't. Only YOU can.

Now...having said all this...please read the site. Seriously sit down, look through the materials, and see what it's like. Listen to our troubles, our hardships, and most of all, are basic humanity. If you have questions, feel free to post them, but try to read at least the specific things I've referenced if nothing else, ok?

I am in no way alone in this opinion. Here are several thoughts from others on the same subject:

By NightAngel
Have you looked into the info pages here... I'm talking about the actual Homepage not just the boards...
I would if I where you...
This isn't something I want nor would I want it if I did not have it already...
I don't know how extensive of research you have done but, I can not press enough to have you look at those pages before you even say something like that...

By Jahlara
Just as a point, I've been very sick recently - one of the reasons is because I cannot get the energy I need. It's really not all fun and games. It's got its advantages, but in the meantime, you get f**ked. And just read some of the posts about migraines because lights are just too damn bright for the vampiric eyes. Do you ever want to feel comfortable while submersed in the normal world? Of course it sounds all cool, but you need to understand that being a vampire truly is not the same as being superhuman. The cravings for energy are practically nothing more than self-destructive, and many (as you can already see) do not completely feel that that struggle is worth the energy "high" that results from a successful feeding. Just more fun stuff to worry yourself on. Don't be too quick to damn yourself.

By DarkeFate:
 I know many who wouldn't argue with the way they are. There's no use.

We've had past conversations about "embracing" or creating a vampire. As to how its done, I doubt any sane vampire would tell you. Its not something that's very safe for both the vampire and the person being turned. Because of the risk factor (Yes, death can be a result), its extremely rare to find someone who will agree. Even then, most vampires look down on the process. Dangerous topic.

By Sacred Stabbing:
"Turning" or "embracing" someone so that they can be a vampire, even if it was possible, you'd have to consider the fact that...blood is the storage for many diseases, therefore, blood transfusion without testing is one of the most dangerous way for one person to get whatever diseases the other carries. I don't know how it can be done either. I think the reason vampires need blood is because their bodies lack of the components in blood, thus they have to obtain blood to get enough nutrients in order for their body to function properly. I am planning on majoring in Molecular biology in hope that I will be able to find the differences, if any, between a vampire's DNA and that of a human. I also don't think the term "vampire" is what best describes us. It's a medical condition, not some fictional or made-up heroic stories brought to you by the media which tells you that vampires walk on the streets during the night and waits at some shadowed corner for some unlucky mortal to pass by so they could snatch the person and drain the blood out of them. That's not it! I sleep at night too (I'm sure there are many others who do) because I have to wake up at 5.30 am in the morning everyday to go to school and go places and I need the energy and I need to be healthy. It's just's easier for us at night. Or we go into the sun and we get burst into way! M has written up the "Vampire Guide 101/202" about this stuff...checking out her site is the first best thing you should do.

By Robrecht:
I would seriously advise against asking someone to be embraced or turned, it could lead to dangerous situations and the chance of actually being embraced or turned successfully is very, very small. Also being a vampire isn't all it's cracked up to be and an embraced or turned vampire is always weaker, as in he/she has all the bad stuff and only a bit (if any) of the good stuff.



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