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Buy DDD Logo Items | Store 2 (Bite Me, Better Yet, I'll Bite You) - Love the logo? Love DDD? Love making a fashion statement? Want to show your support AND get cool items? Here you go! Witty sayings, vampire items, more!

Drink Deeply and Dream Vampiric Forum - Even better then ever - located right here on! With literally thousands of members and hundreds of new posts a day, why aren't you there?

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Article Contribution Information - Something you'd like to see as part of DDD? Got an insight you think would make a good article? Read on for details!

Premier Gothic + Vampire Sites - Join my personal top site list! All dark-themed websites welcomed to join.

The Site's Been Honored  - I actually have three (p1 ~ p2~ p3) pages now of awards for the site. Thank you all for your amazingly kind words and for your appreciation.

Recent Awards - Some of the newer awards I've received both for the site and personally.

I've Been Honored  - I now have a new section for awards based on myself as a woman, a Webmistress, and an individual. Thank you to those who've realized there is a person behind this work...

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