Four years in blood (*ah-hem*), sweat, and tears and I have some
wonderful awards to show for it...thank you to all my new friends...
I never thought this would happen, but I actually need to break this into
three pages to hold them all! Wow, I am honored!


Webmaster Nevar, had this to say:
"...after viewing your site, you can have anything in the store,
but I thought you would like this more.
This is my private award to sites that totally knock me out...."

Vampires:The Eternal Embrace

Webmistress Lady Pandora had this to say:
"Your site is one of the most elegant and informational sites that I have
had the pleasure of viewing in quite sometime!
Your graphics and art are have a very exciting website!
I spent over an hour just looking and reading...I knew last night that I
was going to give you my "Dark Master's" Award..."

The Pagan Seach Engine Site of the Month Award

The Pagan Search Engine, Ariadnespider, has awarded me December Site of the Month!

Dark Diva from Solaris

This award is from Solaris for being a "Dark Diva"

Vamp Mistress Mariana

~Vamp Mistress Mariana had this to say:
            I am more than pleased to present thee with my Award for "Vampiric Passion."
            I enjoyed my visit to thy site very much...the site was lovely.
I love the graphics and overall theme!  And the pictures were beautiful!"

Site of the Month from Vampires: The Eternal Embrace

Here is what the dedication page said...
 "January's site of the month was selected mainly for content!  The factual Section is
          very entertaining....especially don't miss the Vampires 101 Guide.
          She also has a great Question and And Answer Section. Feel free to write to her
          and ask her questions, she will answer you!
          As for design, Memory and Dream has a great layout and very appealing design!
          Great work on the part of the webmistress!
          Best wishes and Congratulations to Drink Deeply and Dream!"

Dark Doors Sanguinolentus Vampire Award

Cyn Surreal, Keeper of Dark Doors says:
"Congratulations, because your site has shown true artistic and elegant design..
Dark Doors gladly awards you with "Sanguinolentus Vampire Award "
This prestigious award is hard to win, so be proud that your efforts are appreciated.
Your site will be added to the winner's page."

Dark Elegance Award - January 2000

Webmistress GothicRose had this to say:
"This award cannot be applied for.
It is offered to sites that, in my personal opinion, are the best of the best, and as close to
 perfect as they can get. They contain all of the criteria for the previous awards and more.
I will know these sites when I see them,
as this award will be granted based on both my objective and subjective views.

Your site is truly beautiful, I would be honoured to link your site in my winners section.
The Dark Elegance Award is not one I give
out lightly, and it is extremely difficult to find a site worthy of it.
It is the highest compliment I can give to a webmaster, and you truly deserve it."

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