Android Goddess

"Android Goddess is an awards page for women,
based not on looks but mainly on personality, attitude, and site design.

I know how it is to feel alienated. If you're stubborn, and stand up
for what you believe in, you're considered a bitch, and don't
usually fit in with most people.

 I am often confused about my life and sometimes even who I am as a person,
and I want other people to know that if they feel that way too, they are not alone.

It also helps me to feel that I am not alone either.

The "Android" part is about the alienation, and the feelings of not fitting
in, not belonging, and anything else that it might mean to you
as an individual.

The "Goddess" is because we kick ass and don't take any shit. We're different a
nd are not afraid to speak our minds, and that is true Goddess material."

gothic envy

"Gothic Envy is not intended to slam people in any way.
We do not look for "beauty" on the outside.
To us "Gothic" is not in how you dress, it is how you act, or feel.
The way you present yourself, and your emotions to everyone else."
Memory is such a QT-PIE.
I am glad to have her on my site.
She put a lot of effort into her site, and it needs to be recognized