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Drink Deeply And Dream
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Official Announcement: Request for User Submissions

The Introduction
Drink Deeply & Dream: The Reality of the Modern-Day Vampire needs your help! That's right, for the first time in it's four year history, this popular and well respected vampire support site is opening it's doors to user-written submissions. Guests and members are encouraged to share their own articles, essays, and materials for contribution in a up-and-coming subsection of the site. All materials will be credited to the author and an email/homepage link will be provided upon request.

The Details
Any vampire-related topic will be considered for publication.
All articles must be a minimum of one typed page in length.
All submitted work must be your own, original material.

What are we looking for?
Just about anything related to vampires, living as a vampire, vampires in history and folklore, personal experiences and advice, suggestions, tips, or guides, etc. Some further suggestion are as follows:

  • Vampires in mythology and folklore (historical looks at vampires through the ages)
  • Vampires in film, fiction, or game (and how fiction relates to fact)
  • Vampire daily life
  • Vampire health issues, medical concerns/advice/suggestions
  • Beast/Thirst/Hunger issues/advice/suggestion/personal experiences
  • Vampires and magick, otherkin, psychic phenomenon, etc.
  • Psi/psy vampires: facts, awakenings, resources, advice, etc.
  • Suggestions for Seekers, Lovers, Mates, and Friends of vampires
  • Bloodletting techniques, donor advice, safety
  • Donor experiences, personal perspectives, etc.

What are we not looking for?
At this time, we are not accepting vampire fiction. Poetry, stories, artwork is however accepted on the Forum under Words, Thoughts, and Dreams We are not accepting fictional accounts of any kind. (This includes V:tM, Anne Rice, Dracula, etc.)

How do I submit?
Please send an email to webmaster at  with the word "SUBMISSION" in the subject.
Include a note with the author's name (as you wish it published), and contract information for publishing. (email address and/or web site address)
Include your article in the body of the email or attach your article as a TEXT(.txt) file.
{A text file can be written in Notepad (Windows users) or pico (UNIX users) or SimpleText (Mac users).}
Please do not send submissions in any other format - I will not accept Word (.doc), WordPerfect (.wpd), HTML (a URL or .htm) or any other formatted attachments.

By submitting an article, you agree to the following:
Drink Deeply & Dream: The Reality of the Modern-Day Vampire and it's Owner reserves the right to edit submitted articles for clarity, length, or on editorial discretion. Further, Drink Deeply & Dream: The Reality of the Modern-Day Vampire and it's Owner reserves the right to turn down submissions. By submitting, you grant Drink Deeply & Dream: The Reality of the Modern-Day Vampire and it's Owner the right to publish your work online. All rights remain the property of the original author and no intellectual property infringement is intended. I also understand that submitting my work does not guarantee acceptance for inclusion.

Thank you for your continued support!



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